Design and facilitate team programs over several months including off-site experiences to shift and align individuals, teams and organizations to achieve high levels of adaptive performance and desired goals.

Desired Outcomes

  • Assure that strategy, mission and goals are aligned and compelling
  • Assure that individuals and teams are motivated and operating at the level needed
  • Assure that teams and organizations respond pro-actively to change
  • Assure that desired results are accomplished

Program levels

  • Work with top teams to clarify and align mission, goals, and strategy
  • Work with functional teams to build clear commitment and execution plans to accomplish new or challenging goals
  • Work with individuals and teams to identify and transcend leadership capacity gaps

Program components

  • Assessment tools and surveys
  • Goals and barrier clarification tools and processes
  • Design and facilitation of off-sites
  • Align performance measurements with mission and goals
  • Create systematic on-going follow up process

Problem solving in unfamiliar environments

Solutions Delivered

  • Getting clear about the leader’s vision & goals.
    • Comparing your strategy with others
    • Getting a clear statement of the critical issues
    • Understanding the implications for your organization
    • Finding a simple way to express it
  • Getting senior team alignment to agree what needs to be done and to do it.
    • Facilitate a process to help the team understand the strategic issues
    • Getting agreement on the high level strategy
    • Getting the team to communicate clearly with each other
    • Proposing experiments to practice the essential behaviors
  • Creating an adaptive accountability model for senior team to assure that the critical tasks get done.
    • Assigning clear task items relating to desired new behaviors
    • Setting follow-up dates with
    • Refining and extending the task scope
  • Helping the change process get past the resistance points.
    • Working with individuals and the team to recognize problems
    • Helping people get past the barriers that have inhibited change
    • Working around un-changeable situations
  • Setting up performance metrics and review processes.
    • Defining the measurements that will indicate that the critical tasks are getting done
    • Collecting the data/modifying systems as needs to make the results visible
    • Working with the team to reinforce the new metrics
  • Building the systems and processes to keep the organizations on track.
    • Taking the new metrics and making them a systematic component of the organization
    • Refining the systems as needed to build adaptive dashboards or reports