Snider Associates works with individuals and teams to help them identify areas where a shift in behaviors or structure can result in dramatic improvements in performance and the ability to thrive in changing environments

Each engagement is customized for each particular challenges but generally the work involves 5 stages:

  1. Research and analysis to determine what changes could have the maximum performance impact and identification of the major barriers
  2. Working with the CEO or senior leaders to clarify the desired goals and explore the potential implications
  3. Designing and facilitating an off-site event for the relevant team members to create deep alignment and overcome behavioral challenges
  4. Working with individuals or departments to assure that the commitments from the off-site are translated into effective actions
  5. Providing individual coaching and support as needed to achieve the desired goals


Desired Outcomes

  • Assure that strategy, mission and goals are aligned and compelling
  • Assure that individuals and teams are motivated and operating at the level needed
  • Assure that teams and organizations respond pro-actively to change
  • Assure that desired results are accomplished

Problem solving in unfamiliar environments

Solutions Delivered

  • Getting clear about the leader’s vision & goals.
    • Comparing your strategy with others
    • Getting a clear statement of the critical issues
    • Understanding the implications for your organization
    • Finding a simple way to express it
  • Getting senior team alignment to agree what needs to be done and to do it.
    • Facilitate a process to help the team understand the strategic issues
    • Getting agreement on the high level strategy
    • Getting the team to communicate clearly with each other
    • Proposing experiments to practice the essential behaviors
  • Creating an adaptive accountability model for senior team to assure that the critical tasks get done.
    • Assigning clear task items relating to desired new behaviors
    • Setting follow-up dates with
    • Refining and extending the task scope
  • Helping the change process get past the resistance points.
    • Working with individuals and the team to recognize problems
    • Helping people get past the barriers that have inhibited change
    • Working around un-changeable situations
  • Setting up performance metrics and review processes.
    • Defining the measurements that will indicate that the critical tasks are getting done
    • Collecting the data/modifying systems as needs to make the results visible
    • Working with the team to reinforce the new metrics
  • Building the systems and processes to keep the organizations on track.
    • Taking the new metrics and making them a systematic component of the organization
    • Refining the systems as needed to build adaptive dashboards or reports