About Us

For over 20 years,  Andy and his teams have worked with top leaders at some of the most successful organizations in the US to help them respond to new and shifting challenges. Snider Associates is a small group of highly experienced consultants, coaches, and facilitators who can help any organization that is genuinely ready to move to new levels of responsiveness and accomplishment.

Change requires focused collaboration

Most organizations are well tuned to do whatever brought success in the past. They have spent years, or even decades, building up the systems and process to be able to do that with remarkable efficiency. The problem is that the flexibility needed to respond to change is often one of the casualties of a relentless pursuit of efficiency.

Environments with frequent change are now becoming the norm.  The ability to thrive in change has become a core competency of the best performing organizations. A great deal of  research has been done to determine what it takes for an organization to achieve superior results in an unpredictable or changing environment. Every team tends to repeat whatever behaviors brought success in the past, but when the environment or the competitive landscape shifts, it takes a systematic push to shift from old habits to new adaptive behaviors.

Snider Associates has a process to accelerate and align that shift process to make organizations and team more adaptive and able to achieve dramatic new goals.

5 things are necessary for an organization to thrive in a changing world:

  • Goals that matter
  • Clear strategic direction
  • Culture of authentic leadership
  • Commitment of the leadership team
  • Tools to keep on track

Snider Associates  combines all these  in its programs for organizations who are committed to excellence. We are not a consulting firm focused only on strategy, or a team building firm focused only on dynamics, or a skill development firm. We combine the best approaches to achieve the desired shifts, overcome barriers,  and accomplish the most important goals.

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